Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010

Eli turned Roy Orbison on, invited all to come dance and the wild rumpus began. Anna spinned and twirled with her pinky in my palm, her Easter colored skirt flowing out just the way a proper skirt should when you dance. She moved always with grace and beauty on her mind. A perfect spin accentuated her blushing, tired cheeks. She reminded me of a tulip, just a sleepy one. Wow, Rainbow was blown away by the amount of energy created by four blossoming kids and two blooming parents. Joy was her middle name. Eli held her little hands and she danced-occasionally moving her head side to side to stir things up. But the laughter was what couldn't be stopped. That dimple of hers worked overtime tonight. On a solo step she supported herself on the cedar chest my Dad made for me...When the musical climax reached its point she balanced herself-raised her hands as high as they could go-wrapped her hands around the top of her head-and fake fainted on the ground and laughed and smiled. What a performance. Sunny suggested the next song be judged, leave it to the oldest to keep status and achievement at the forefront. So I sat out and wrote out points and took notes on all their fantastic moves:
Sunny-rhythmic stomps (5 points), stop and spin to ground (7 points-it was impressive, an amalgamation of hip hop and Sunny Carolina and the Tin Man), 2 points awarded for great use of the entire body in dancing. Moses-props for led kicks, a cool style, great improvisational skills, a smattering of martial art technique, leaps, and a smile-also proficient use of the whole body. Anna's tally: points awarded for soft, pretty balance, graceful movements, spins (to die for), poise and charm-believe in her story and beauty above all. Surprisingly (remember the mother was judge) all dancers received the exact same score (gasp!). Monumental-never before has a competition been this engaging! The dance session was interrupted by a dart gun fight. Who would have guessed Scott Summers and Optimus Prime were up for the battle of the century January 31, 2009. Watch out 2010. Jean Gray (or Storm...Adrianna insists she is both of these marvelous characters at any particular moment) was "asleep" on the couch. It seemed the battle may have been over her. So the fun was paused for an announcement from Dad. He just wanted all to know the reason we were dancing was that 10 years ago, at just about this time a handsome prince and a beautiful princess met. They, too were dancing (althought not yet together)The princess fell in love. (He left out for the story's sake that at that time the prince hadn't yet fallen in love with the princess...) They all groaned and giggled and just knew who the prince and princess were. They of course were right. Adrianna had an important question: "Mom, did you have long hair when you got married?" Heaven knows long hair is a prerequisite for happily ever after princesses. Phew, the answer was yes. Today I find myself looking disturbingly like Prince Valiant. Good thing we met ten years ago. Blessed we are to have a mere ten years passing result in all the joy and wonder we have. A houseful of giggly, blond angels, a love stronger than ever and hope for the future together.

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Hollie said...

Sounds like a fun time. I love the story of the prince & the princess. Too cute that you were asked if you had long hair. Little girls and their princess fairy tales, so sweet.