Monday, December 14, 2009

A day at school.

A trip to school.

Publishing Party in Sunny's class today! Parents were invited, Eli thinks the reason I took the opportunity surrounded the donuts and fruit punch. Had he have gone he would swiftly realized this highlight paled in comparison to a certain young lady, Miss Sunny Carolina and her presentation of her narrative story, I quoth "One sunny day I was going fishing with my Dad. I caught a really big fish. We were just about to leave when I noticed something. That's when I saw it. An island!(which she pronounced 'is-land') I was so excited that I nearly fell out of the boat. My Dad swung his arm at me. He pulled me into the boat and I pointed at the is-land. He nodded his head and turned the boat around. As soon as we were on dry land I picked up my gear and began to fish again. The end." Quite a rousing performance. She pointed out some of her friends, Claudia, Victoria, a boy went on and on thankful that he had an audience about his parents being from Europe-Bulgaria. He told me the story his grandmother told him of how the Americas were discovered, they thought it was Asia, etc, and etc, of how he went to Bulgaria when he was four. She beamed and smiled a pleased, shy smile and politely applauded her peers as they took their turns reading. Sunny took part in cleaning of the tables in preparation for the event-even sacrificing a recess for the cause, noting to me that she even cleaned Cecilia's spot-the messiest of all. Her efforts did not go unnoticed. The room had "Publishing Party" signs and a great appearance. It was a great event.
Before, I stopped into Moses' class to return the loaner bear, Taffy so another friend could take it home. He forgot to take it back yesterday. Taffy has a journal each child writes about what he does the whole evening with his buddy. Moses was coloring a "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear Turn Around" book when I stopped in-so excited to see me and to give me a hug. Apparently, this was the 'best day ever' largely in part to my grand appearance. Way to make a mom feel like a million bucks, Moses.

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