Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Steps.

Sunday is Rainbow's extra special day with Daddy. He's always there for her but on Sunday their devotion runs deeper. Right now church begins at 11:00-an interruption to a sweet dreamer's nap. Around 11:30 the gal can't hold out any longer so Eli takes her into the hallway and cradles her in his arms. Sometimes the lady protesteth much but usually it all ends in hums and songs and then sleep-often for the both of them-Eli claims he may occasionally nod his eyes but likely not for more than a few seconds. Although, from several witnesses at church commenting to me on the sweet site they see of Daddy and daughter together sleeping-I suspect he might be wrong. Eli brings Rainbow with him to Elders Quorum because quite frankly she would just rather be with him. Today Eli tried leaving her with me and apparently he missed the girl and found himself peeking in on us through the window, initially unbeknown st to us-but then Rainbow spotted him. I knew from her loud chirps and brightened eyes, "Dada! Daddy! Dada! Daddy, Daddy!" Her calls become more persistent and darn right insistent to the point that Eli couldn't resist. He came in and swept her from my arms. She was quite pleased. Oh, by the way, Miss Daddy's girl took her first steps today. Where did those fancy steps take her might you ask? To Daddy, naturally.

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Hollie said...

How sweet. There's something just so precious about a daddy and his little girl. Addison has turned into quite the daddy's girl too.