Monday, December 14, 2009

Moses loses his first tooth.

Moses wanted me to buy brussel sprouts at the store. Our dinner was macaroni and cheese, little smokies and those brussel sprouts. Rainbow expressed her contempt by depositing the sausages on the floor. She didn't know what to do with the "litttle cabbages." Carolina complained a tad but ate them. Moses was excited, began eating and complained his tooth was hurting from eating them. I rolled my eyes as he and Adrianna bantered their reasons of abstaining. Moses took my attitude for a directive that he'd better eat them. He chewed and then burst into tears. Impatiently, I asked him "What is your problem." He sobbed and said, "My tooth hurts!" And then I realized the crimson tinge couldn't be brussel sprouts. Those things dislodged that tooth of his. I told him his tooth had fallen out and his tears morphed into a joyful giggle. He rinsed his mouth and plotted all he would do, "Tell Mrs. Hunter, tell Joshua, and Jaden...and put it under my pillow, drink from a straw with the hole in my mouth!" The possibilities are endless. Miss Jaded Carolina was swift to inform her naive brother the Tooth Fairy was not real. She tried to help by having Moses leave the room and extracting his tooth herself from underneath his pillow and planting a nice, shiny quarter. Moses wants to believe and so I ruined her good intentions. Mr. Moses is growing up.


Bjorn to Rok said...

He is getting bigger. Sad!! I love that little boy!

Holly said...

Thanks Shannon for stopping by.

I am amazed that he wanted you to buy brussel sprouts. How do you accomplish that? lol