Sunday, August 31, 2008

This week Zachary and Kelsey came to visit. We went to Oswald beach where the surfers Moses at least, fit right in. We enjoyed a picnic lunch, Eli almost died from his daring explorations in a cave and a wave encounter, Moses fell in the water and laughed about it, Carolina leaped right in and laughed about it and Adrianna parrots anything the other guys do...
I loved watching them make improvements to an abandoned sand castle. They ran back and forth to their river water source to refill their buckets over and over to fill up the mote with water. It took them a while to realize they were making no progrss as the water absorbed right back into the ground.
Dear brothers. They took more than a handful of swims into the frigid water...everytime the sun peeked from the clouds they cosidered that the call of the wild beckoning.
At one point Carolina and Moses took off exploring on the rocks and logs and Adrianna stayed behind with the adults. I just loved watching her dig and handle the sand with such tenacity, completely oblivious to my observations. I sure wondered what she was thinking about.
Aunt Kelsey and the wild child in her element.

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