Sunday, August 31, 2008

Carolina dure didn't want to go home when the day was over.
Kelsey lovingly guided Adrianna over the rocks and tide pools which she appreciated very much since I didn't feel so steady on my feet with my recent balance shift from a watermelon belly protrusion. Adrianna really wanted to go everywhere "my kids" went. It seemed the grass was greener over there.
"Look guys! A sea anemone!" Moses and Carolina took turns pestering the poor fellas by jabbing them and giggling in glee to see them close up when touched. Last week we took a walk by our home in town, mind you, not our seaside chalet- and stopped by a puddle. The kids saw little water bug creatures and insisted they were seeing seahorses. So this was a more accurate science lesson. They might appreciate Don Quixote.

Sha Zam!

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