Saturday, August 30, 2008

We visited Tyler and Alexandra Caffall's family Oktoberfest in Sandy and savored some gourmet German food. They met a brand new puppy, fed some chickens and taunted the chickens with multiple chicken toys Alex's mother had supplied them with, fed and waited for the evening birds to approach, had a tour of the garden with Tyler in command ( he found a zuchinni ripe for the tasting-they liked it). It was the last time we saw Tyler and Alex as they are heading to New York City for bigger and better adventures. How touched I always am to see the love they have for our family. They are wonderful people and blessings to have as friends.
Our friend Dave Mikkelsen celebrated his birthday with only the stalwart of heart. We dressed as mimes and went downtown and mimed. Initially we planned to begin at Pioneer Square but felt somewhat invasive when we found we were interrupting a worship rally for a religious faith so via max we headed to Waterfront Park. We mimed a basketball game, tennis, that we were the bowling pins being bowled, cooking, fishing and various other things. A college student stopped us to take a 15 shot series of photos for a class project. Some guys smoking something highly questionable thought we were amazing. The kids came along with us, before we went out Carolina prayed at dinnertime that she might be brave enough "to do the mime" and that she "wouldn't be scared in front of an audience." She did wonderful.

I found Adrianna in my lounge chair picking up where I left off reading the Book of Mormon all on her own.
A glimspe of our flourishing garden, Sunny the valiant garden caretaker by the zuchini and some sweet pumpkins. She and moses are very good at keeping their eyes open each day for the peak ripened produce. Moses loves the yellow string beans. Carolina loves pico de gallo with the tomatoes. They both like the cucumbers and Adrianna....well she likes to pick the green tomatoes.

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CLAMES said...

How fun!! You guys are always impressing us with your massive amount of friends here.

Your kids need to come over and play. :)