Sunday, August 31, 2008

Merry go round delight

Moses, Adrianna and Grace at the Canby county fair. One horse made an awful lot of racket when his friend was able to get out and he didn't. I quizzed Moses about his experience, here's some of his commectary in his own words: Referring to llamas, Moses asked me "What's that big thing that spits at 'cha? I didn't like them because they didn't have teeth on the bottom. They looked weird. And they bite 'cha. And they chew weird (refurring to their cud) They chew one time and theen the chew goes out and they have to chew again. That's weird."
The baby pigs were "so cutie. I thought the big ones when I feeled them... Ohhhh, they were so slippery. The baby ones were furry so I like him. The big one was kind of wet and smooth and slippery. I don't like them like that. I like them nice and dry. Mom, did you like the baby ones?" "Yeah, they were darling" ""That means cutie. Ana looked so cute when she was lookin at the pigs."

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