Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Hurray! Today we found a place we like and put in an application. We are confident we will get it (so much so that I went ahead and gave my two weeks notice for work/gave notice to vacate!) Last day of work scheduled to be May 14 so we'll move the Saturday before, May 10th if all goes as planned. It's a house built into a duplex and our division will be the main floor and the basement. The backyard is shared with the owner upstairs who owns the place but there are nooks and crannies for planting garden goods. He is ok with the band rehearsing and there's a fireplace in the basement which will be lovely for musical and warmth atmosphere. There are two "rooms" downstairs that have some potential for a clean up and putting carpet in (I'm on the craigslist prowl for carpet now...) which will make them very usable and some basement space that's just shelving/storage and laundry area. The main floor, upstairs living room has wood floor, a fireplace...the owner talked of putting a wood stove insert in for heating in the winter rather than the diesel heat now used because of expense. The 2 bedrooms have old blue carpet but I bought a carpet steam cleaner today for tidying things up and inviting a homey spirit, I'm sure we'll use it plenty. Off the kitchen there's a back door entrance to the backyard and just three blocks away is a great park with a water fountain for summer splashing and our friends, Ben and Holly are real nearby, too. It's fairly close to Carolina's school so we may choose to keep her in the Russian immersion program next year, too and only one bus ride to Eli's school. It's in our last ward boundary. It's a nice clean, safe feeling neighborhood and I am so excited to spend time with the kids and make our nest a home. Once I get the official ok I shall begin packing!


Mari said...

Well Hello!

I found your blog from Lisa's blog! This is Mari(Lindquist). :-)

How are you guys doing? I was so surprised to find the names Eli and Shannon, I thought it must be you! Small world!

From what I can gather it looks like you have 3 kids? Amazing! Good for you! I am glad to see that you are doing well, and are a happy little family.

How are the rest of the Milliman clan? How are Emily, Kelsey, and Zach? Are any of your family members left in Alaska? My sisters are still in Alaska, but John is in Utah, and we are in Idaho.

Anyhow, you can get the low-down on our family if you go to: There are also links there to Emily and Cheryl. :-)

So great to see what you are up to! I have been amazed at who you can find in the blog world! What a great thing!

Mari :-)

OJ said...

Hey Shannon! How are things going? I'm so glad you found me. So Jessica says you're in her ward right now, but it sounds like you guys are moving again? Where to? Back to Gateway I hope! How have you guys been?

Cheryl said...

Hello Millimans! I found your blog on Mari's blog. What fun to see current pictures of the kids!! I love Carolina's makeup!

Congratulations on your new home! It sounds like you will have more room!

Check out our blog sometime!

LOTS of love!!