Wednesday, April 9, 2008

4/9/2008 In the great, green room

The lettuce, spinich, pea, radish, arugula and parsnip seeds are planted. Some in buckets, some in pots. And a small row in the earth. With some direction from a community garden mentor my pots have taken a change this year, side drainage holes and permalite on the bottom so plants have a better way to drink water reserves. I am also trying to grow a spring crop and a summer crop. I remember Carolina eating dirt clumps as a crawling infant and stealing our housemates cherry tomatoes and strawberries. The tomatoes for squishing and strawberries for eating. This year she didn't like being forced to wear jeans while working but once she got on her hands and knees she saw the wisdom and frequently talked about what hard work it was. Moses planted some of the pea seeds and some of the lettuces. All of them employed use of brooms and shovels to loosen the dirt, quick to invite their neighbor friends to join in although most except Denisa were hesitant. I have foundational memories of crumbling the earth in my hands and turning shovels of dirt to get the front rows of my own famiy's rock garden turned. Harvesting the yukon gold potatoes that seemed to have such an abundant crop was my favorite part. Our living room opens up to our backyard with a large glass sliding door so I see my garden a lot. It's something I anticipate and it gives me hope. Awaiting and expecting a bountiful crop just as I at a harmonious moment think of the confidence I have of my Saviors return.
On a less harmonious note my mind is clogged with the burdens of managing these damn apartments. A stewardship for which I have but care not. Am I my brother's keeper? I recognize the opportunity I have to do good for my community and I have had many positive moments of nurturing and being a good neighbor. As of late I long to fill my mind with things that matter to me and my children. To have my waking thoughts be of what adventure we will do today or even how to curb Moses- lack- of -converstion-just bawl -skills instead of how behind I am and how many pending maintenance items or unsigned documents I haven't done. I felt such gratitude when Elder Ballard spoke to young mothers no matter their situation and of prioritizing--a skill that would do me good.
Moses is dressed in a white dress shirt, mickey mouse furry ears, two whit socks on his hands, Curious George shorts and white socks. "Boing, boing, boing! I'm a winter bunny." Carolina is wearing a flowerprint dress and bunny ears and says she's a summer bunny. Adrianna is wearing a yellow dress, following along, having a great time being included. Moses asked me today to tach him some of the fighting moves I learned from my self defense class. He had the most faithful, bright eyes as I showed him knee kicks and gav him examples of when to use the blows. Self gratifying to see his trust and thrill in me teach him something of worth to him.

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Jessyquita said...

Shannon, your blog has to be the most intriguing blog i have ever read! you should teach me how to garden all those yummy veggies and fruits!