Friday, April 18, 2008


An uncommon sense of peace is part of me after an inspection with my boss today. She left with a yardstick long list of "things for me to do" before tuesday when she'll come back to see if I follow through., in doing so of course noticed none of the great things i did to prepare for her visit. Had I not the knowledge that I would only be doing this for four more months I would feel burdened and overwhelmed as usual. Eli and I recently decided we would make another life change early September by moving and allowing me to stop managing apartments. Knowing this I feel enough charge to go forth and to try my best to complete each task and a reassurement that all will be well and that there is a definite end in sight. Moses got a new ball today. Adrianna fought with Moses over her tricycle. Carolina did her Run for the Arts today in school. She ran nine laps while Seth, her arch enemy (the "husky" boy that sits across from her only six. When i called her in for dinner i asked, "Is that you, Carolina?" She answered, "Who'd you think it was, Doc Richenbacher?" Eli and I are going out tonight to listen to a band Scotland Bar and propably will end up stuffing our faces, like usual, maybe Old Chicago style.

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