Sunday, April 20, 2008

Eli decided to stay home from church with Adrianna today and when I told the other two to get ready for church Adrianna joyously chirped, "Yay!" and we gently told her she couldn't come today becuase she was sick. Oh my, the devastation. Her "class" and her "church" are the highlights of her life. Her cry wasn't an angry one but just so sincerely sad and let down. What a dear little spirit she is. We looked at houses today on the computer and driving around and made no astounding discoveries. Eli is singing in Portuguese and strumming his guitar, its what he does to unwind. It's his way of taking a break after the day's search. After some misbehavior today Carolina was room quarantined and after about 15 minutes she calmly exited her room and a piece of paper wafted down the stairs like a letter from heaven. I picked it up and she giggled in much better spirits. It was an artfully crafted family portrait of us as mice (including the new baby in the form of a hopeful girl, too bad for her I'm darn sure she's mistaken...) . Quite a cute omen of peace.


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

CLAMES said...

Hehe... I saw that drawing first and thought,
"Hey, they all have tails!"
Have you been to the tulip festival in Woodburn before? We're thinking of going there this Saturday if you want to join us!

ClevelandRocks said...

New baby?!? Congrats! Maybe you already told me, so I have to blame my horribe memory if you did. Love reading your blog. You guys rock...almost as much as Cleveland.:)