Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Moonlit night

At dusk Carolina, Moses, Adrianna and I walked to the library to return my ghastly overdue books. We talked about the day, about the new backpacks and school supplies, Adrianna swiveled in her new skirt (just a little too big) hugging her hips and I noticed she was wearing two different sandals. By now it was dark. We went to the park anyway and headed to the tennis court which was illuminated by lights. Two young women were playing a casual game of tennis and bantering the ball and exchanging reasons why he was not a good boyfriend. They let the kids play with one of their balls and we created our own version of tennis on the opposite side. Carolina wanted to be her own team. There weren't too many rules unless you did something wrong. Then we played goblins and ghosts on the playground equipment. Lying down atop the twisty slide in silence, still close to Adrianna and Moses (they got a little scared when Carolina's counting was up and she transformed into Goblin, it was dark, mind you) and looked up at the stars. Little specks of light. Reverse chocolate chip cookies. I learned I was not allowed to grab a Goblin because they are like a ghost-your arm just goes right through them...Funny think was, MY arm didn't actually just go through this Goblin-I decided not to press the issue further. It was nine, the witching hour and thus the fun had to end. We walked home and now they are sleeping, all except for a certain Goblin who reads late into the night.

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Melanie said...

I love the reverse chocolate chip cookie image.