Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hollywood Implants.

Sunny Carolina adorned in shades of violet and saphire (make-up done by co-conspirator and friend with broken arm:Rhoyah Johnson) pleads "Can we play dress-up?" I say "Uh, I don't know...(thinking of the aftermath souffle of sequins, sashes and puffy-sleeves) Ok but remember to be modest" The girls shriek with glee. Moses thinks they disn't hear my tail comment, "Ok, Sunny? Be modest!" As they slam the door to the transformed dressing room Moses expounds, explaining his understanding of modesty. He implies he's kind of uncomfortable talking abour it...but says he knows its about 'boobs' They don't really look nice. They look weird, when girls are a grown up." Thankfully, to Moses they come out fully modest with the introduction, "Hollywood!" Carolina has pink-shimmer rimmed shades, purple-tulle skirt, hair parted ever so artisitically, my black leather heel dress boots, Rhoyah has a recycled costume with a rich heritage passed worn by many starry-eyed imaginative engenues, a blazer and ratted hair straight out of a B 80's movie. Modest, yes. Conservative, not so much.

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