Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This morning Adrianna took off her shoes in the car as we drove to drop Carolina off at school. In an effort to save time I just carried her inside. Having her right next to my ear gave me on opportunity to be privy to her thoughts. She said "Why is it crying?" "What's crying?" "The tree." I saw she was talking about a small tree that resembled a weeping willow and though perhaps a child named them. I told her "their branches hang down and that sometimes plants are sensitive to temperature, in the cold morning and night they close up. It's like they are sleeping, just like we sleep. Flower buds close up too, sometimes, and then they open up when they are ready."
Later walking home from the store Adrianna and Moses sat beside each other covered in the stoller , escaping most of the rain since they had a cover overhead. Moses said, "Who spit on me?" I told him it was just the rain and he asked "How does it do that?" He was confused that the rain could get him in the confines of the stroller. I explained that the raindrop probably fell and then came back up and splashed him.

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