Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunny Carolina, Adrianna and their friend Sally playing outside. They told me they were planning a trap for the boys and Carolina was part of it. She said the make up was part of it. something to the effect that this guise would be a part of their wiley ways.Isubmitted this photo for a Charlize Theron film being shot locally seeking a pregnant body double. They said she needs to be 5'9"-5'11", blond, size 8-10 when not pregnant...And no, none of those describe me but what do I have to lose?
Moses is always quick to offer assistance tending our garden. Today he helped sprinkle the monthly fertilizer applicaton and watered the radishes and peas. We got lots of plant starts this weekend: cherry tomatoes, tomatillos, regular tomatoes, a pumpkin, basil, acorn squash, patty pan squash (whatever the heck that is), an echinacea plant, eggplant, collard and maybe a few others. It might be a bit ambituous but we'll see. We move this weekend and that gives the plants just the right amount of time to harden to regular temperatures, hopefully we have enough room to plant everything in our new space.

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