Thursday, May 22, 2008

At the library Moses checked out books about dinosaurs, crocodiles and amphibians. I remember the science nerd that chose those books in school. I was checking out the Boxcar Children and the Orphan Train Quartet. We got wallpaper stickers of dinosaurs in Moses' room and hideous Barbie princess ones for the girls room. Moses' first choice was Care Bears but after painting Moses room orange and blue and it coming out rather retro cool and leaning toward masculine we exerted our power. Every night rather than a story or song Moses wants to be told about what animals are sleeping right now and which are nocturnal. He wants to know specifics about each dinosaur on his wall. His infatuation has expanded to desiring to know a few details about as many animals as he can get expsoure to. He craves more info than I know about these creatures so I figured a few library books might do some good. Eli noticed he's especially interested in the character of each animal. Are they "good" or "bad" and seems to deem the carviverous ones the bad ones. Eli is best at telling him these things and they both enjoy their discussions.


CLAMES said...

I love the boxcar children!
OMSI and the Zoo are both having special dinasour exhibits you should take him to.

Melanie said...

I seriously considered finding a boxcar and living in it after reading that book. It made a meal of blueberries, milk, and bread sound so delicious.
Moses' room sounds really cool. And manly.