Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome to the world Rainbow Ophelia

Dear Rainbow Ophelia,
We are filled with joy that you are here. As you sleep your foreshadowing dream smiles and sweet dimple reveal your future happiness. A world of hope exists for you. What you will embark upon is limitless and unknown. The things that will excite you and fill you with wonder we don't yet know. Driving home from the hospital I thought of all the little things you have never experienced and the moment by moment discoveries we will watch you unveil. We recognize your peaceful spirit; you respond when you are shown love. We feel sweetly appreciated by your small cries soothed when we hold you in our arms. Jeffry R. Holland said, "Heaven never seems closer than when we are touched by others." It really does seem you are an angel blessing our lives, so pure and close to heaven still. And life truly never seems better or more meaningful when the daily events are graced with the innocence and beauty of children and with you, little Rainbow, our new baby.
When Sunny Carolina, Moses and Adrianna first met Rainbow they were in awe of how small and how cute she is. I told Carolina that I was beginning to think Rainbow would never come. With out skipping a beat, Carolina said, "Not me, I've been waiting all year for this!" Adrianna was so inquisitive. She wanted to know how the baby ate although she soon revealed she already knew. A-"How does she eat?" S-"Momma feeds her." A-"Where's her bottle?" S-"She gets her milk from Momma. Then she touched my breast and said, "Right here?" Our first night home from the hospital Moses snuck out of his bed countless times each time finding a new way of asking when Rainbow would be coming to bed as her crib is in his room. We told him she would be spending a lot of time with Mom at first. He came to admire her for a moment and she opened her eyes (the dearest treasure of all to the kids!) I formally introduced Rainbow to Moses, reminding her Moses is the one that always sang to her and talked so gentle to her when she was in my tummy -and this is what he looks like...since her eyes were finally open she could really meet him. Moses took a quiet, humble pride telling me "She doesn't know what Sunny and 'Ana look like yet."
Rainbow Ophelia born 9/27/08, 7 lbs 13 ounces, 19 inches long. About ten o clock the evening before her birth I began to think perhaps these contractions might be real but didn't trust my instincts enough yet. We retired and by 2:00 am I felt pretty sure this was the real Mccoy (whoever he is). I woke Eli at 3 and we left the house by 3:30 and Rainbow was born just after 4:30! Hence although that beautiful epidural was in my game plan...the labor progressed too fast so I went el natural and all went well. The saving grace being that it was a swift process. Eli assisted, catching Rainbow in his arms first and cutting the cord.


Chantelle said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you all and Rainbow is beautiful. She's a lucky little girl to have such a great family! Hugs,

MarySquare said...

Congratulations Cousin Shannon. This is Mary Christenson Aagard -- Norvel's daughter. I had a baby boy, Eddie, my second child on Oct. 14 and what a joy newborns are. I hope your kids are continuing to enjoy their little sister. Cheers and good luck!!!