Sunday, October 19, 2008

Adrianna and Rainbow both in their pink bunny pajamas. Adrianna giggles with pride and delight when she holds her baby sister and mimics her cooing, milk swallows and grunts to a "T."

This week Rainbow was wearing a fuschia nightgown and orange winnie the pooh socks. Moses said, "Look Mom I picked a flower! She looks like a rose, and her feet are the honey!" When he was holding her, which he does with amazing love and patience, he noticed something and stuttered as he often does trying to form the words about what he had discovered, "Look Mom, I can see...." I realized what he saw and said, "Your reflection? in her eyes?" And then Moses said, "Is that what it is when, when, can see a big brother in her eyes?"
Rainbow has a sweet temperment and really responds to her siblings showing her love and adoration.


CLAMES said...

Me Want to Hold Baby Again!

Cheryl said...

What an adorable little family! I love all of the pictures of the kids holding their new little sister. You can just tell how precious she is to them!!