Saturday, July 5, 2008

Rockaway Beach, outside of Tillamook, OR

June 26th, 2008
Treading the trail I smelled sweet and salty rotting air. I felt I had to close my eyes to fully inhale its fresh organic scent. As I walk on the beach i see an abandoned sandpit with two shovels and sticks remaining from a fortress. In my minds eye I imagine the kids playing and creating with the remains. They would have loved it. the sand is white with pepper sprinkles, clean, driftwood logs are everywhere. It's light and warm and breezy. The alcove opening that ended the wooded trail to the beach threshold looked like an entrance into another world, like Narnia. The beaches open expanse is missing Carolina, Moses and Adrianna footprints. I've a hunch Eli would have taken that trail less traveled by with me in hand to find a grove never touched by man for an entrancing kiss. As I just sit I consider running by the spray foam, feeling loofah sand on my feet, walking endlessly breathing each breath fully. I consider how much coastline the earth has. Just this segment seems to go on forever. I am silent with no one to speak with. I've eagerly awaited this retreat alone but realize all the trouble and quips in a days work with the's all worth it and each moment is more fulfilling with them in it. Everything we experience I want it to all be together. My taste is wet to experience another world in Brazil together. If something happens alone I feel I have no witness. Did I even experience it?

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Love the picture of you, Shannon! You look gorgeous and I really like your shirt. ( :