Thursday, June 12, 2008

Koin 6 news came tonight to one of the monthly clothing swaps I like to attend. The 1.30 minute clip will show this coming Wednesday on Channel 6 at 5:00 or you can catch it on the internet. I twirled for a quick pose but wasn't feeling very aggressive so I won't be highlighted. ( if you want to get connected with a clothing swap group. ) I think it is just the greatest thing for so many reasons. I am as cheap as they come and get shivers knowing the amazing outfit I am wearing was free of charge. Somehow it is even cuter being free. Regular swap attendance has also given be better perspective on the impermanence of material things. I've gradually learned to let things go that tie me down. Everything clothing wise can be replaced with no strings or risk. If I like something and then decide I don't I can give it away next time I go. At first I had a bit of a hoarder attitude at the swap and wouldn't necessarily bring equally good stuff but the more I give and receive the more of an outpouring of generosity and sharing that fills my well. I feel happier giving good stuff and getting good stuff. All the women that attend have an exciting and warm energy and everyone is respectful and it is ran with order and love. Coming home I left with good feelings and a sweet box of loot.


curlyq said...

sounds like fun! I'm glad you found things you were happy with!


CLAMES said...

My cousin is famous!! I watched it, saw you a lot and recognized your voice at the end!

Jessyquita said...

that sounds like a great idea!!