Saturday, June 7, 2008

At the park today Carolina brought along her new toy dog "Twinkle"
Adrianna playing in the fountain despite her mothr who has no backbones insistence that she not...
Moses and his new monkey. He sure can fly high.
Adrianna and her beautiful "yipstick"
Uncle Clinton and Moses talking about guy stuff
Moses was laughing because Clinton was teasing him that Halle is his girlfriend
Sunny Carolina is six years old! She glowed during the celebration. She'd been waiting for this moment all year. She savored leading all her guests around and lauging and playing with her great friends. They danced, played games, colored pictures and generally loved life.
Working on a picture of a mouse, of course.
Halle, Alma, Sunny Carolina, Ariyonna, Isabella
Moses and David weren't to into the girls festivities and played with the trainset in Moses' room most of the party.
Dancing to her new music
Adrianna in the middle playing Simon Says
This dress is from our old neighbors who are Island Pacificers. Adrianna feels so beatiful when she wears it. Carolina always tries to get away with wearing it...wait till their teenagers!
Daddy loves his girl
At a baseball game

First gleamings from our garden...a bowl of lettuce and pretty purple radishes
Our first art project in a very long time. When paint was spread farther than I desired I rememberd why it had been so long since the last time.
Adrianna painting.


Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Carolina!

I loved the pictures--it is so nice to be able to see how your family is doing.

curlyq said...

So cute! That's some pretty intense "yipstick!" ( ;