Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moses is 7 today!

Shiny, downy hair curls around his angled chin.
Distinct lips frown and smile to the extreme.
He's a guy curious about nature, about how things work, why they work, how things were made. He wonders how we know what color dinosaurs skin was, what the sun is made of.
His hypothesis as a toddler, "Glass, plastic and batteries."
He sticks up for his little sister when the older one tells her she has no fashion sense. He says it's not true and it doesn't matter. It's not important.
Fast like The Flash, he's got true grit.
His buddies are Monk the Monkey, Penguin and Phineas the baby brother. He feels a lot. the weight of the world, anger, stress, unfairness, meanness, irritation. He likes none of it. Crumbles when it is near. Champion of justice, love, brotherly kindness. Anti-Satan.
Free as a field of grass, wholesome as wheat. He's there when you need a hug.
He reminds me to keep wondering, loving, trying.
Happy Birthday my big seven year old, Moses.
I love you.

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Fresh Garden said...

That's so sweet, and inspiring too.