Monday, February 16, 2009


Adrianna and Carolina frolicked in a circle with enough happiness that pansies and posies might have blossomed underfoot. They sang together, "The sisters! We're sisters! The sisters!" Only trouble was Moses, the brother-felt ostracized. Eli called over to the girls referencing Moses crying in his room, "Girls, I am glad you are happy to be sisters but do you see Moses feels sad and left out because he's not a sister? Could you be nice to him and sing 'brothers and sisters'?" Thankfully they were in a receptive mode and quickly shifted gears and invited Moses to join the fun. The happiness Moses felt from being brought back into the flock reminded me of the unconditional, unwavering love I feel from my Savior when I repent. Instantly the love and trust cascades affirming my self worth and delivering joy and hope for the present and the future. What happened moments ago no longer matters at all. There is a residue of remembrance only because we compare the great feeling we have now to the dark and dismal state we were in. Moses wiped the tears with the back of his sleeve. His blotchy face had an illustrious, token lip-corner turn up Moses style as he completed the fulcrum of the pinwheel. With their arms joined and laughter in the air the siblings sang on.


Walther said...
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Chantelle said...

So sweet. I love especially how children are so ready to "forgive and forget!" ( ;