Friday, December 26, 2008

A little girl that loves "skirtsies" and Daddy.
The carved wooden mouse that Eli and Moses made for Sunny Carolina. She loves mice for some reason and this one fashioned with love she is surely enjoying.
Carolina working practicing some techniques Dad just shared with her. Watch out Hannah Montana. There's a new girl in town.

Moses' face reminds me of me when I was his age in this picture.


Anna said...

Your kids are so cute shannon! I can't believe how much they look like you and your husband blended perfectly.

Mari said...

What a bunch of cute blondies. :-)

How are Eli's parents and family doing? Emily, Kelsey, Zack, etc. I hope they are all well! The Milliman family will always be in the memories of my youth. :-) I think of them every time I read my Pat. Blessing. :-)

It looks like you guys are doing great. You are awesome for having so many sweet children. Good for you! Family is really the greatest.

We are in Idaho right now.(I think Eli asked where we are.) We enjoy Idaho, but we hope to return to Spokane, Washington -- someday. We miss the "real" trees. :-)

I am totally loving the blog world. I have found so many people from my past -- it is amazing! Glad to have found you guys . . .

curtis said...

hey thanks for letting me know about Zach's senior recital. I work until 4, but I'll try and be over there as soon as I'm done. I hear Zach throws some wild after parties.

Hollie said...

Hey Shannon, it's Hollie, Jared's wife. Eli told me about your blog when we saw him last weekend at Zach's house.

It was so nice to catch up and hear about what you guys are up to. Your family is so fun and the kids are absolutely adorable. I feel so bad, I didn't even know about Rainbow. I just thought you had 3. You guys must be busy!

Blogs are such a great way to keep in touch. I'm so glad you have one. Well, if you don't mind I'll check back later to see what's new. Take care.

Jacob and Katie said...

Great holiday pics! I'm impressed with the wooden mouse!